What’s love got to do with it? Valentine’s Day Landsborough …

Valentine's Day Coffee Love ArtSo, is Valentine’s Day just for the young, the romantic or those susceptible to the influence of commercial establishments trying to make a quick buck?  What’s love got to do, got to do with Valentine Day we hear you ask?  Well, the way we see it, we live such busy lives these days, we almost need special days to remind us to stop and remember something that is important.  And love is important.

Enjoy a cup of love and friendship at your local cafe The Steaming CupAs says the quote from a favourite movie “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”  And we say, you don’t need to look to hard to see it every day – you will see it all around if you want to see it and feel it.

I recently read “The way we learn to love ourselves is through other people and the relationships we have with them. We are literally designed to learn, grow, and love through other people. We are tribal creatures. Not meant to do life alone.”

There are many, many ways in which we can love yourself and show others love and care including these few simple ways:-


  • ever found that simply sharing a smile brightens someone else day
  • smile are contagious and in a good way

give hugs

  • you’re never too old for a love-felt hug
  • hugs are free
  • if you’re not a hugger, that’s ok too.  You can have your own special way to greet others.

touch base

  • say g’day, stay connected
  • even if it is a “wave” on Facebook Messenger

show you care

  • so something thoughtful
  • make a thoughtful gift
  • listen, be present
  • even little things we do are likely to be appreciated and nurture our relationships with other.

have fun

  • do something spontaneous and fun
  • compile a “things I’d like to try” list and tick one off a week
  • live life with love
  • see Valentine’s Day as a bit of fun whether you have a Valentine or not!  Enjoy a cup of coffee love with us this Valentine’s. Let us know if you’d like a Boxed Sweet Treats for a loved one – we have a selection of goodies that can be boxed to go – for that last minute Valentine’s gift.