What’s Happening Landsborough?

Well, 2019 is flying by isn’t it…  We hope everyone is having a great year so far and we wish you all the best for the rest of the year.

So, what’s on the agenda for this year?  More awesome coffee and offerings from The Steaming Cup of course!  If you are looking for an excuse, not that you need one, to pop in for that extra coffee or two at The Steaming Cup, then remember, we have

  • a long weekend coming up before the kids head back to school
  • plenty of train-spotting whilst enjoying a bite to eat at The Steaming Cup
  • Valentine’s Day just around the corner, with sweet treats for all
  • coffee at The Steaming Cup after visiting the Landsborough Museum or doing the Saturday Landsborough markets
  • and hot cross buns popping up before you know it (yes, those damm supermarkets had them out the day after Christmas we heard)….

whats on LandsboroughAsk us when you drop in what our favourite things to do in Landsborough and surrounds is when we aren’t working.

Or share with us your secret spots on the Sunshine Coast.

At the start of the year, we again find ourselves asking, how can we get the most out of life.  We follow the philosophy of keeping things simple (KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie).  At a high level, we find the following works for us.


Here are our Top 5 things to consider in 2019 :-

  1. Be friendly and positive

    • life’s too short to waste being miserable and negative, look for the positive
    • make the choice when you get up in the morning
    • treat others how you’d like to be treated
    • let go quickly of hurts and frustrations and pivot to the positive
    • why waste time of the negatives and what-ifs
  2. Focus on what is truly important in your life

    • what are your “big five” eg family, health, travel….
    • reflect on what you want out of life and what’s important to you and set goals to achieve that
    • declutter – eliminate what you don’t need and what isn’t serving you well where possible
  3. Get creative

    • when was the last time you did something different or thought outside the box
    • have you noticed that as you’ve gotten older, you’ve allowed yourself to be too predictable and less creative?
    • a friend recently suggested to
      • cook a new meal once a month
      • visit somewhere you haven’t been before
      • find leisure activities that don’t cost money
      • watch less tv and do more xxx
      • take up a new activity or hobby
      • join a local group
  4. Manage your stress

    • unfortunately, some stress is unavoidable, however, we can try to proactively manage our stress
    • schedule in ‘me’ time or some type of healthy activity for yourself
    • be organised – being unorganised leads to stress – set reminders, use post-it notes, use apps and technology where possible
    • leverage your time effectively
  5. Take time to ‘smell the roses’

    • have gratitude for all the good in your life
    • take time to catch up with friends over a coffee
    • it’s ok to say no sometimes
    • slow things down, enjoy things more