What Makes a Great Coffee Great?

Most people would agree Coffee is great.  But what makes a coffee exceptional?  What ends with a steaming cup of greatness in the heart of Landsborough actually has quite a story behind it.

Our beans (roasted by the award winning roaster Tim Adams) are sourced from far-flung places such as:

Columbia, Brazil and India.

Before being roasted locally to produce:

A densely flavoured yet delicate cup, this house blend highlights sweet & rich dark chocolate flavours. Cedar & tobacco notes bring weight to the cup, with melted brown sugar & a hint of thick molasses detectable in the finish.

If you’d like to find out more about our beans head across to Tim Adams for all the details.

Great beans need great milk (they are like strawberries and cream – born to be together).

We use Maleny dairy milk (award winning – starting to see a pattern?).  Maleny Dairies may describe it as:


Gold Top – our old fashioned milk with the cream on top! Care for our land and our animals will always remain at the heart of our business and we are extremely proud of our herd of Guernsey girls. They live happy, healthy lives on our beautiful pastures here on the Sunshine Coast. We’re pretty sure this is why our milk tastes so good! Our award-winning Farmers Choice Gold Top Milk is pasteurised only, this minimal processing delivers to you a milk that is as close to nature as is legally possible to sell.

Let us tell you more about the benefits of Guernsey Milk.


Which means a super creamy milk that compliments our bean perfectly to create amazing drinking experience.


If you’re a nudist (ok just someone who likes there coffee straight up) Dr Blend is perfectly, perfect straight up.


Dr Blend also pairs well with Soy, Almond and coconut milks for exotic variations.