Thanks Hugh Jackman

So, at The Steaming Cup, Landsborough’s favourite cafe and where we know your coffee better, we were all geared up to celebrate International Coffee Day on Monday 1st October (yes, we will be open on the public holiday).  However, thanks Hugh Jackman for bringing it to our attention that 29th September (today!) is National Coffee Day – no wonder we were busy as.

So if you missed out on getting your java fix and celebrating National Coffee Day, not to worry – we are open the rest of the long weekend and you have Monday to celebrate International Coffee Day.

Thanks coffee lovers!  At The Steaming Cup our baristas share your love of coffee in all its components – aroma, body, acidity and flavour.  And we have the best flavour thanks to our Tim Adams blend.

The earliest evidence of how coffee came about is from the mid 15th Century in the Yemen where the coffee beans reached the sufi monasteries via Yemeni traders back from Ethiopia.  Well, these days, you don’t have to worry about the beans getting from Tim Adam’s to The Steaming Cup as chief barista Dumi has that covered.