Quality Coffee

At The Steaming Cup, we want you to have an enjoyable coffee experience.  How do we deliver the best coffee?  The key factors that make our coffee special include:-

Our Philosophy

We’re proud to say our coffee is more than just your average drop and We Know your Coffee Better.   Our focus is on quality – quality bean, quality machine, quality milk, and quality service.

The Bean blend

At The Steaming Cup we use award winning Tim Adams speciality blend “The Doctor”.  Ethically sourced and fair-trade coffee from Tim Adams, this is a first-rate coffee is made with the highest quality beans and with an emphasis on freshness.  The Doctor features coffees from Colombia, Brazil and India and is a perfect option for your Milk Based coffee.

The Milk choices

Quality milk choices make the difference.  We use Maleny Dairies milk and our milk alternatives are quality brands.   The award-winning Maleny Dairies Farmers Choice Gold Top Milk we use is pasteurised only – this minimal processing delivers to you a milk that is as close to nature as is legally possible to sell.

The Cup

Our cups maintain coffee at the optimal temperature to ensure the ultimate coffee experience.  What is in a cup design?  Our cups are made of highest quality porcelain, strong and durable. They are designed with a rounded base and lip, ensuring our Baristas pour the perfect cup of coffee and the coffee drinker enjoys a smooth, creamy sip with the microform of the milk holding together all the way from the bottom to the top of the cup.

The Coffee Machine

We use a quality espresso machine to tamp, grinder, and texture the milk.…. We’ve got it covered.  Check our demo video on FB.

The Barista

Can’t tell your beans from your backside, your mochas from your macchiato?  No worries, that’s for our barista to worry about not you.  Using the right equipment, having a quality bean and milk is awesome, however, what our baristas do is equally as important. They take the time and care to perfect every step of the brewing process. Our baristas have been trained to master the bean with high-end  pouring techniques and coffee artwork. And service with a smile.