Halloween Trick or Treat? or Coffee?

Feeling like a zombie - get a coffee into you. Coffee cures that zombie feeling.This Halloween, are you feeling somewhat like a zombie?  Let coffee be your cure to that zombie feeling you may have woken up with.  We all have busy lives, which is why the coffee culture is alive and kicking.  We certainly see that, for our customers, The Steaming Cup is a refuge for them to pop in and take a break from all their worries and grab a coffee and a treat, that get’s them on with their day.


Coffee in Australia is just as much about attitude as it is about the beverage.  Coffee culture is alive and kicking, and speaking of culture, more and more we see that Halloween is a popular celebration each year.

So, what are five things to know about Halloween and five things to know about coffee culture in Australia…

Coffee Culture

  1. Quality wins over quantity – and at The Steaming Cup we definitely align with this using our Tim Adams coffee beans and Maleny Dairy milk and people seek us out as their favourite cafe in Landsborough.
  2. Its all in the art – if your coffee has ‘good art’ then you can be assured that it has been perfectly frothed, otherwise you can’t do the art work. And if a coffee has been perfectly frothed, it can’t have been burnt, it will be smooth, shiny and silky – the ultimate espresso experience.
  3. Aussies want to drink coffee that tastes like coffee.  Our baristas at The Steaming Cup “know your coffee better” as they understand the importance of all components that go into make the ultimate coffee – from quality flavours, aromas, roasting, brewing, grinding, tapping etc.
  4. Get cozy with your coffee.  Atmosphere is another part of why we keep coming back for the great coffee.  At The Steaming Cup we offer friendly service with a smile, so that you can get cozy with your coffee and enjoy a coffee break, or two… It’s easily a place to meet up with your friends and have a chat over the caffeine.
  5. Your coffee comes with a side of passion.  The great coffee houses in Australia, like The Steaming Cup, have developed their coffee culture and patronage due to the passion they bring to the table.

Halloween Culture

  1. Dressing Up and Trick-or-Treating.  Enough said.  Without doubt, the dressing up and trick or treating part of Halloween is what is most enjoyed by young and old.
  2. Pumpkin Carving.  This is one of the top halloween decorating ideas to get everyone in the halloween mood and fortunately we can buy all the decor supplies from the shops these days too.
  3. The Food.  Well, its one of those days in the year where we let ourselves off the hook and enjoy naughty treats – unless you opt for a trick!
  4. Games and Pranks.  Well, speaking of tricks, for some that is preferred over the treats…. If the kids are wanting a halloween party, the games can include bobbing for apples; scavenger hunts; unwrap the mummy (bit more fun then pass the parcel); and pin the arm on Frankenstein.
  5. Watching scary movies.  Well, its up to you that one.  Not my cup of tea or coffee.  Movies for the kids might be Hocus Pocus; or Monster House.