Egg-cited about Easter?

Cafe Landsborough Open EasterOnly three weeks till Easter – are you excited?  It is possible that you are already over Easter, given it has been promoted since the day after Christmas.  LOL.

But, can you be upset with a holiday we enjoy that brings a smile to so many children’s faces.  And why is that?  Chocolate of course…. And maybe for the adults, an excuse to indulge in sweet treats.

What are you looking forward to this Easter.  A few of us will get the chance to get away.  Others will enjoy a few days break and take it easy closer to home.  Here at The Steaming Cup, we’ll be open and pumping out the coffees, hot chocolates and other sweet treats.

We say, get excited and make the most of any occasion that brings the love and the smiles.  Let us know what it is that you are looking forward to over the Easter break.  Our five tips for things to do at Easter are:-

  1. Visit The Steaming Cup each day for your caffeine fix (goes without saying), lol.
  2. Get in that one last swim at the beach before Winter kicks in.
  3. Get away for an overnight camp – it will probably remind most about how beautiful nature is and how beautiful your bed is 🙂
  4. Make some marshmallow bunnies – all things retro are still so cool
  5. Plan to give up Chocolate for the month of May!